on the other side

many’s the time when i was younger that i wished to write you a letter containing all my pent-up psyched-out love

for you

only i knew i’d never mail it because i wasn’t that kind of a daring bold girl with no finer scruples to be overcome

by you

especially because you weren’t that kind of boy then and i both trusted and was afraid of you without knowing why

only i did

i could have ruined a friendship because of my utter unwarranted unreturned unreasonable stupidness over you

maybe i did

now we’ve all moved on and up but you’re the one left behind to drown in the dust of your own gray powdery ashes


you broke her heart and i pray he’ll break your soul so you can finally see what you’re doing and killing what i killed


time wounds all heels and heals all wounds i’ve heard tell in songs and rhymes like the pretty thing you wrote once

for someone

yes i was jealous and angry and bitter and empty but now i’m a just little numb in the spot that used to harp on you 

her someone

and i’ve run out of words

imagine that

fake drops of blood

on a page

bleeding the lies out

what’s wrong with that?

there was some truth

just a hint

a mere speck

some things

weren’t meant to be

you and me

for instance

and the general state of dull pain brought on by the sins of fallen man living like there’s no hope for tomorrow

the sorrow

is unbearable sometimes

but i

can’t hold it

for you

nor can she

nor you, even

a rebel without

clear-eyed sight so sought after once

and to think you already

know the answer

you just won’t

put down your weapons

and surrender