opposites contract

i’d run to miss your waking world capture daydreams

brittle, stale, and in hope of hearing them crash down

i’d exhale to slay them slower, sweeter

than any shrike’s arrest could mutely crowd and clutter


and muffle, uncaring, keeping at distance

the glowing pines that signal morning and radiant beams

that come as warning; i’d roughly stay your stillborn buds

and cloak all joy for peace that heals the mind and


goads the thoughts of ones who skulk down city streets

preoccupied with shards of glass that whisper wounds beneath their soft

bare feet; i’d iron shod, miss the roar of trains

while your nightmares woke impatient for the reign of night


to leave, return their faithless fears to darkened light

and chasms deep where i abide in dulled spite

and wend my way, omit to map a flawed mankind

when you’d asleep i’d grimly frown … yielding up my shattered crown