gallery of lost boys

i am writing this to

prove to myself i

haven’t forgotten


truth be told i

am a bit rusty

at the seams

since it seems every

poem i’ve written lately

has revolved around a


i couldn’t have

or didn’t want

to have, or who simply

made me insatiably curious

those are perhaps the best

and worst kind

because i don’t know anything

about them

and never do

there was the one

addicted to coffee

the one who

loved chocolate madly,

the one who never read

anything but the news

the one there 5,000 miles away

who vanished when i

was a little girle still

the one who never smiled

i really have quite a

collection by now

perhaps i shall open

a museum and call it

‘the gallery of lost boys’

someone has found them

i suppose

or is finding them

or will find them one day

some days i wonder

if anyone will find


that is a narcissi

to unconsciously consider

oneself the sun

center of gravity

north-aligned pole

one ant in a hill

of millions looks like

any other ant, doesn’t it?

but then people are built


designed individually

to comprise a whole

 2 in the sma’s

is no sane time

for theological rambles

i think i remember

 how it’s done