adventures in bicycling

if you read this blog at all, you might remember this post from last april in which i related my recent purchase of a bicycle. i didn’t get very far last year in the whole “legitimately riding rather than coasting or scooting on my toes” thing, but this year i’ve mastered at least the basic principles of riding. (revelation: learning how to shift gears makes it a lot easier to bike uphill.)

may is national bike month, and this week happens to be national bike to work week. i wasn’t able to bike to work monday, because the weather was wet and cold and disgusting, but i’ve done it two days in a row now, and it’s been a lot of fun so far (aside from the huffing and puffing on hilly stretches and the near panic attacks i get before setting out).

here’s some info on biking to work from the league of american bicyclists —

and, if you happen to live in the kansas city area, you can check out kc bike week or follow them on twitter @kcbikeweek. i signed up for their car free challenge … sadly, though, i didn’t know about it ’til today, so i’m not going to have very impressive stats run up by friday, when it ends.

i think that would look nice atop a bicycle rider, no?but oh well! this is a good exercise for me in doing something a little out of my comfort zone or normal sphere of behavior. and it’s extremely good exercise physically, too. i look forward to days when i can ride more than 5 miles at a time and not be dog tired at the end.

oh, but speaking of future bicycling adventures … i need to acquire a bike lock and a rearview mirror. my wald basket arrived yesterday and i took it on its maiden voyage today. very classy. my dad said that if i wore a neck scarf i’d look like a girl from the ’30s. nothin’ wrong with that!

and i have been kind of coveting this hat from target … now if only i didn’t have to wear that bright yellow helmet of mine.