it’s funny

two years later

when i read the words again

i still get that

tight feeling in

my chest

like something’s

squeezing out lies

and anger

i feel it again

a microcosm

of a mistunderstanding

mishandled into idiocy

and i know it was my fault

i know what i did

or didn’t do

i know the truth

of the story i

am never going

to tell

to the person who

most wanted

to hear it

oh what a splendid wreck

i made

what a glorious

blaze burned my bridges


but i’m not sorry

for that

i was honest


next time

if it is, off on the horizons

of hazy tomorrows,

i will be honester still

and if a hand is offered me

i might take it

with grave face quiet

and demeanor polite

i still remember the rawness

beat into my back

by the summer sun

any careless coward could kill

with a lie

but i believe

in severing cleanly