ginger bears

gracie (right) and i got up early just to go to the market. be proud of us.
say slightly local produce

this morning my friend gracie (who is not really named gracie, but that’s what i call her) and i went to the downtown overland park farmers market to visit the produce and also the clock tower bakery, where our friends tabby and judy work (those are, for all practical purposes, their real names). my mother commissioned me to buy her a ginger-something scone whilst we were there. which i did. they are lemon ginger, to be exact.

and exactly the type of pastry one should eat while walking down into the farmers market in the early mid-morning light. they are sunshiney.

and, okay, kind of cumbersome three in a box stuck vertically into a canvas tote bag. so i mostly saved mine ’til i got home.

the ginger isn’t ginger powder, mind you — it’s bits of candied ginger cut up and slightly chewy amongst the crumbly lemon background. oh dear toast, i’ve been reading too many sam sifton reviews.

but there were the ginger gummies, and those reminded me of a time during the winter when we had ginger bears at work. a coworker likes ginger hard candies (i think it’s these ‘gin gin’ lozenges, which world market sells) and accidentally bought the gummies instead, which he didn’t enjoy. so he brought them to work … where three of us devoured the package over a two- or three-week period.

i wish he’d mistakenly buy them and bring them into work again.

ginger bears were perfect, you see, because they weren’t too, too sweet, but just sweet enough to fulfill that mental craving for sugar. then the ginger kicked in, giving an afternoon-brightening jolt of tangyness that left my face flushed. i would always eat mine in multiple bites (first the body, then the head) to make them last longer.


maybe i’ll have to venture into the westport world market and buy some.

they were lovely, though, like summer and childhood, and i was glad the scones reminded me of them.

in other market news, asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers seem to be the big crops right now. and i saw kohlrabi in person, and it is fascinating. maybe someday i’ll buy one and actually try eating it.