just a quick thought …

that i will maybe eventually develop into a longer thought.

so, throughout the daydreams of my young life, i’ve often wondered what, should i get married one day, the man i marry would look like or be like.

i wrote a poem about this a couple of years ago, but i think the illuminating moment, if you’ll pardon the expression, will come when we’re joined together in the presence of God and i’ll look in his eyes and know, “yes, this is who you were always supposed to be.”

so that was fairly sappy.

the unsappy part is that then i thought about Jesus, who is our perfect Husband, even though we can’t see Him clearly yet. but one day i’ll wake up and there He’ll be, the most beautiful, glorious, blazing, awesome Person imaginable, who IS love itself, perfect beyond my wildest dreams. and He will hug me fiercely and hold me tight, and i’ll never let go, because i am His and He is mine, and nothing come between us ever, ever again.