too much imagination?

“you cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” — mark twain

i wonder.

kriss kringle: you do know what imagination is, don’t you?

susan walker: oh sure, that’s when you see things that aren’t really there.

i really do wonder.

i suppose i wonder not because i doubt the value of imagination — no, i appreciate very much what a properly used imagination can yield. i have a highly-developed (perhaps not well-developed, however) imagination myself. but there must be a line somewhere between imagination and reality.

maybe it depends on what you use your imagination for.

to escape reality?

to create reality?

to understand reality?

i think that last one is perhaps the most powerful and useful, when employed correctly.

but that’s just what i think. it’s been a long day, i’m not wearing my glasses, and tomorrow … adventure … awaits, so consequently i’m befuddled and have started spelling things incorrectly.