throw it away

throw it away, jon foreman/fiction family

when i was a child, i was what you might call a pack rat.

if i ever did throw things away, it was hard.

now that i’m a little older, it’s easier.

in fact, sometimes i delight in getting rid of stuff.

stuff. bleh! what a dreadful word.

only when i throw things away i do feel a little guilty when i remember wall-e. i enjoy that movie. i don’t enjoy landfills. or trash. or things falling apart and not cared for. then again, i get woefully behind in cleaning and taking care of things. to look at my room, you’d think i do not understand the reality of dust and its ability to collect on surfaces. oh, believe me, i do — i just don’t always pay attention to it. i am trying to learn to. but most of the time i don’t try very hard.

maybe yoda is right when he says “there is no ‘try’: there is only ‘do.'”

do, then, little girl-lette. get up and commit actions that have tangible results.

then go to bed and sleep until the sun rises.

then get up and do again.

there is life to be lived.