frightened rabbit

rabbits are shy, paranoid creatures, apt to drop everything at the merest hint of danger and hide until it’s safe to come out again. skittish, but sweetly gullible, you could say.

such a rabbit am i.

rabbits are also not known for their fierceness, their chief lines of defense being kicking, at close quarters, or a simple, unabashed running away. while afraid of many things, a rabbit is seldom too afraid to run.

such a rabbit am i.

can you sense danger? i can. i sniff it on the wind; i feel it in my bones. my fur pricks up strand by strand, until it all seems to be standing on end. my paws are a-quake and my nose a-quiver. then, at the tension’s climax, i break, i bolt. i run like lightning, ears flat against my head but still alert for any sound.

afraid to be caught and teased into prey — such a rabbit am i.

i hide in the shadows, in the tall green grass — in plain sight, if i must. i can freeze still as any stone statue. i hold myself aloof — for safety’s sake, you understand. it’s nothing personal, the way i avoid the fox and the hound. it’s simply a matter of survival. if i weaken, if i give in, the world, as i know it, will end, broken in the teeth of the enemy.

such a rabbit am i.


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