daughters of eve

as we drove home last night

in the Christmas eve stillness

i absently watched the darkness

whirl by, punctuated with light

i somehow thought of you

imagined figure of mindless wont

faceless, nameless now except

for the whispered label


and i wondered again

why you did what you did

this is a question of

emotionless fascination

for me to never know

although i suppose

you had your reasons

then i realized, sitting

there at my silent window

that i am just like you

albeit with differences

in details of time and space

but your shapeless face,

it could be mine

and ‘breaker’ my name

consonantly twinned to yours

there are dreams i have

destroyed and walls built

to protect me from my crimes

nothing’s new under

solomon’s sun.

our mother trained us well

betrayer of God, bane of man

breaker of harmony

how could she?

tell me you’ve wondered too

He had every right

to unform them in the wake

of rebellion

dust-man and bone-woman —

He the Lover whose breath

filled their lungs —

betrayed, He could have

broken them back

into the nothing they were

without Him

yet still He loved

He Himself became

dust and bone

man born of woman

allowing the objects

of His affection

to break Him beyond recognition

so He could step into

their yawning, aching hearts

and fill them completely

He who had the right

of retribution gave it up

to gain back His betrayers

we may be our mother’s daughters

knowing good and evil

but on those who walked

in darkness has come dawn

and we are made

our Father’s suns.


















— — —
*last two lines crafted with a little help from a friend.