book list, take two

one of my new year’s resolutions last year was to read a book a week (more about that here). after a week i failed — at least, i failed on the rate i’d set for myself. i don’t know for sure how many books i actually did read last year, but i know i read several that made my mind and my heart grow. so in that sense, i did not fail.

and i also made it through the bible again in a year (well, almost — i finished this morning).

my book goal for this year is not to read a book a week; that would be nice, but i realized it’s a bit unrealistic. i do want to making reading a regular, consistent habit, however. i intend to severely curtail the time i waste on facebook in order to make progress in this goal.

writers write — but first, writers read. even if i didn’t write, how would my mind grow if it wasn’t challenged? i’ve decided (with the help of my father, i might add) not to pursue graduate school unless there’s a very clear leading from God to do so. that doesn’t mean i am to give up on learning, though. i fully intend to learn and educate myself for the rest of my life. reading is a tremendous (and tremendously enjoyable) part of that.

i’m laid up (or some orientation) with a cold, so today i finished g.k. chesterton’s essay collection “tremendous trifles.” i also read further in “julian of norwich,” by amy frykholm. i asked for a book about julian for Christmas because i heard her alluded to two or three times last year and found her thoughts intriguing. i’m excited to learn more about her and her divine revelations of Christ’s passion and what God taught her through them.

speaking of books and reading, my friend roberta showed me this very cute blog post: a girl you should date.