do you remember the games

we used to play?

i sometimes wonder

if you reminisce

but i can

only grimace

when i was a child

i acted like a child

played like a child

wounded like a child

ran like a child

when i grew into a woman

i resolved to leave

such games


and yet temptation’s

always there

to not play fair

we’re not children


i can’t be

who i was


even though i

still am

in too many ways

and i live

in the grays

between knowing

where is black

and what’s white

sometimes i

imagine you

and i onto

another situation

of two people

who went nowhere

in a big way

when i stand

in her shadow

i wonder how i

could ever have

been so

carelessly cruel

but then our stories

aren’t entirely

the same

maybe i can’t


what you said

in answer to

all i refused

to say

but the sting’s

gone away


the memory lingers


find someone else

to play