supposedly imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

it’s fun every so often to find a piece of writing or poetry that inspires you and then play with it using your own words. i did that once with a lovely love poem — it was shy and happy, and i re-wrote it in antonyms. of course it came out sounding bitter and melancholy, but it was a fun exercise, and got my brain working to create metaphors or images contrary to those the original writer had conjured.

the following bit of writing is not that fancy, nor was it all that hard. but i’ll give you a cookie (or something) if you can guess the source of inspiration.

you’re the thought i thought i killed
you’re the empty to be filled
you’re the weakness stronger than what i willed
you’re the dream that came undone
you’re the day that greets the sun
you’re the end i run to find
you’re the window to my mind

you’re the pillow at my back
you’re the good sense that i lack
you’re the aspirin to stop my heart attack
you’re the wake behind my ship
you’re the punchline to my quip
you’re the row i hoed alone
you’re the blow that breaks my stone