this means war

i had that feeling in the pit of my stomach again.

the sick one. the sinking one. the one that seems to say “all of your dreams are about to crumble down, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

that feeling is a lie.

and a lie means war.

i don’t have an infinite number of tomorrows in this stage of life. i can’t afford to waste my time on lies.

my purpose in life is far bigger than that feeling in the pit of my stomach. it goes above and beyond the threat of losing something not even mine to lose that i keep clinging to out of comfort and habit.

God made me to be one person, and that is myself. He didn’t knit me together in my mother’s womb so i could come out and be an inferior-grade version of someone else. someone i have no business being. He made me with my own hair, my own eyes, my own hips, hopes, dreams, sense of humor and personality. He gave those to me to enjoy and use well, not to fret over because they’re not like someone else’s. i stand or fall before God alone, not before someone else’s philosophy or ideas or fashion sense.

i don’t know why i have to keep reminding myself of this, but i do. i will probably have to remind myself every day of my life.

i was made with purpose for a purpose. i was made with passion to be passionate about the One who is passionate about me. this is truth.

lies cannot live in the daylight of truth.

that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach is not going to determine my hope, my confidence or my joy.

so this means war.