pretty. odd.

dear wednesday,

you were gorgeous this morning, wearing that cool breeze in the golden sunrise the way you did. i could have lived all the other hours of my day in those few moments and have been perfectly content.

except that i was trying to forget the odd dreams sleep delivered in the wee hours of the morning. fighting a war is hard, but especially so when your unconscious mind seems engaged against you.

then there was the rest of the day: death, marriage, birth, discovery, misplaced or unrequited love.

excitement. malaise. laughter. frustration. hunger. confusion. anger. questioning. prayer. laughter.

“do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

what does the evil i face look like? where does it lurk? where do my noblest ambitions go off the track and become the opposite of what i intended?

what do i do when i can’t fix the problems i want to fix?

how do i know if i’ve said too much or not enough?

grabbing people by the face and shaking them probably isn’t going to help anything, is it? i didn’t think so. but it always works in my imagination.

wednesday, you were pretty today — you were even beautiful at times. but you also left me with more questions than answers. which, when i think of it, is not all that odd anymore.

c’est la vie.