hello, you.

i don’t know where you are, but where i am it’s a thursday rapidly flying toward friday. it’s finally silent, the stillness welcoming, not oppressive. i saw the sun rise this morning as i waited for my coffee to brew, and i saw it set this evening as i walked across the office parking lot to my car. it was red, soft and sweet and red and glowing. in between the light seemed golden all day. i don’t know if it was dust in the air or the dryness of the grass. but it looked like magic was about to happen … even when i didn’t feel like replying in kind.

i have been hungry for wonder, wistfully hungry as if it were something i was not allowed to eat anymore. i have been serious lately … not enough and much too. i don’t know why. tomorrow — in the metaphorical sense — is such a long time. and today is constantly on its toes while dragging its feet.

pardon me, i am mixing my metaphors with abandon.

i have missed you. terribly. although i have no idea who you are.

but tonight, in the peace of after-dusk, i feel content. we’ll be all right, you and i, though years may be between my thursday for writing letters and your any day for reading them.

we’ll be all right, because what’s inside us is stronger than the things beyond us. we’re born to be adventurers, now and someday. oh it might be long. and oh it will be hard, someday and now.

but this day? this day will be good, and it will be glad, and it will be a day of days, because i’m alive and have two legs to run with and two eyes to see the sunrise through. isn’t that a beautiful thing?

so, where you are, i hope you’re growing. i hope you’re laughing and crying and wondering and wrestling. i hope you watch the light through the leaves and on the grass; i hope you feel it on your face and in your soul. i hope you are so overwhelmed by His beauty that you can’t speak and you feel your heart try to leap out of your body.

i hope that, whether you are sleeping now or ready to wake, you know that all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

because He never lets go.

see you someday, darling.