love, war, insanity

fighting a war is hard. i keep forgetting i’m fighting and absent-mindedly wander right into traps that should’ve been obvious.

or i get tired or cranky or lonely or confused and just want to give up and give in. it would just be soooooooo much easier, and i’d get what i wanted … right?

no and no.

right. that’s when it begins to feel like insanity.

it will be okay. just sometimes it’s a bit of a wait a second! how could i not think of that? feeling.

or a what the ever-loving heck was that about? feeling.

or an i told you so feeling.

or a why did i dream about that person again? feeling.

but take heart.

some day, all the loves will be lined up the right way.

some day, the last battle will be over.

and, some day, i will never have to wonder if i’m completely crazy or completely sane.

for now, here’s a good song.