kissy, kissy

last saturday i went to what had to be the most interesting wedding i’ve ever seen.

for starters, it was a presbyterian homily, complete with kneeling and corporate, recited prayer.  not that i mind.

then the pastor (priest?  he was wearing robes.  what do presbyterians call their ministers, anyway?) preached the wedding sermon with the 10 commandments as his text.  which i also didn’t mind.  he applied each of them to marriage, which was interesting … but he, um, got a little harlequin romance novel on us in a couple of spots.  so gracie and fayce and i turned bright red and giggled and wrote notes to each other through most of the message (forgive me, dear minister in robes, but not all of your audience was already married).

then at the reception i saw more kissing than i’ve ever seen at once in my entire life.  including a french kiss where the bride stuck her tongue out before putting it into her dearly beloved’s mouth (eww –  sorry for those of you who didn’t know ’til now what french kissing entailed).  that had to be one of the more traumatic moments of my twenty years of life.

well, okay, i hyperbulate.

but it was close!