i’ the sun

she walked through the lazy river

feeling sorry for herself

pretending that the drops wetting

her lashes weren’t sanitized water

but the tears she couldn’t cry

she tried to run ’til she couldn’t

breathe but her legs were too

tired, like her eyes and mind

where had sleep gone?

she wished for its numbing

embrace, but knew that it

wouldn’t really let her forget

that easily — daymare would

filter through darkened dreams

she stood under the blazing sun

face forcibly lightened by stark

rays of solstice days spent in

toil and hard labour — she

worked with her hands, arms

lifted, tugged, strained to

point of elasticity as her bare

shoulders went raw in the heat

while she dispelled her daemons

and signalled slumber’s shores

of her arrival ere evening, after

finding blessed relief in dirt

sweat and sunkissed pain

through being too much i’ the sun