second law

a few nights ago
a wind with winter
in its lungs howled
around the house
and when we awoke
a spit of snow
lay like glitter
on the grass
the bone-biting cold
binds us inside
and at the end of the day
the sky is as dark
as the end of the world
a forbidding force filled
with foreboding
our upkeep of creation
is inhibited by our own
in-fleshed limitations
of eyesight and frostbite
so runs the world away
in entropy
while locked inside we sit
waiting for warming.
i saw a man one evening
dressed in his sunday best
silently awaiting spring
they’ll plant him
in the iron earth
to be shrouded
and watered by snow
until time is complete
and from the shell
of what once was him
he will incorruptibly blossom
a perfected man somersaulting
through the spring-new sky.
You promised us a seed
the day we left the garden
for a life in disrepair
You promised a head-crusher
to quell the heel-biter
and we waited in hope and horror
through flood and fire
to a man condemned
by the rule of death
but You had promised —
so God-beyond-time
who prophets patiently awaited
became God-with-man
a seed to be sown
for the sins of the world
to rise in a reign unending
taking up the law of life
a king making servants sons.
and so it came to pass …
and so You promise to complete it.


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